[H] Budget OC System Guide - 0306

[H] Budget OC System Guide - 0306

For the first time since the Pentium 2.4C, Intel computer enthusiasts have a platform choice to satisfy overclocking and performance needs. We take a look at what it takes to build solid overclocking systems in today’s market. Have we found the new 300A?


Contrary to our usual system building guides, this one is less about simply building systems with components currently available and more about building systems that provide an easy out-of-the-box overclocking experience for everyone. Plus, the hardcore tweaker will be able to get even more out of these systems.

AMD has been the leader in terms of overclocking ease for quite some time, but Intel has pulled itself back into favor among overclocking enthusiasts with the release of the Core 2 Duo. Now we have a choice when building our overclocking machines and can have a terrific experience with either camp.

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We’re calling this a budget OC guide, but the components we chose are certainly solid, stable platforms that will remain reliable in even the near extreme situations. We couldn’t offer motherboards that wouldn’t meet our requirements no matter what the price and good memory to support great overclocks is still at a premium. The budget part of our guide is really with the processors. It’s been a long time since we could buy a sub-$200 processor from both AMD or Intel and squeeze it hard enough to get the performance of the $1000 flag-ship processor of both brands.

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