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Monday May 07, 2007

Puget Systems Builds Computer in Mineral Oil Aquarium

Puget Custom Computers recently did one of those "I wonder if it will work" projects and submerged an entire computer in mineral oil (except the monitor). Tom's Hardware did it in vegetable oil, but having a clear medium complete with LEDs and even bubbles seemed more attractive to Jon Bach and the Puget crew. Check out the video!

Also check out our recent evaluation of Puget Custom Computers.

Tuesday May 01, 2007

Velocity Micro Acquires Overdrive PC

One thing we all learned while producing H Consumer evaluations was that Velocity Micro and Overdrive PC stood out as two of the shining stars in the boutique computer industry. As of today, these two powerhouse builders are joining forces. I think the two will both greatly benefit from each others business cultures and models. I would not hesitate to recommend either builder to anyone looking to purchase a fully built performance system.

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