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Friday October 09, 2015

Elon Musk: Apple Is The 'Graveyard' For Fired Tesla Staff

Elon Musk says that, if you ever get fired from Tesla, you can always go to work for Apple. Ouch.

Dismissing claims that Apple is poaching key members of staff from his own firm to work on its long-rumoured self-driving car project, Musk said: "Important engineers? They have hired people we’ve fired. We always jokingly call Apple the ‘Tesla Graveyard’. "If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple. I’m not kidding."


U.S.: Megaupload Defendants Don’t Need Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses? You don't need no stinking expert witnesses!

Kim Dotcom and his Megaupload co-defendants don't need to hire expert witnesses in the United States, the U.S. government argued today. Refuting claims that around $500,000 is needed to mount a proper extradition defense, the Crown prosecutor argued that incriminating admissions could not be trumped by technical know-how.


Mac Sales Reportedly Hit Two-Year Low

It looks as though the PC market isn't the only one suffering right now, Mac sales are at a two year low as well.

Analysts aren't in agreement over the rate of the slowdown, with IDC reporting a 3.4 percent decline in Mac units shipped and research firm Gartner reporting slowing growth of 1.5 percent. Both numbers point to the lowest growth rate in two years, according to The Wall Street Journal.


Pittsburgh Mayor: Verizon Broke Agreement To Provide FiOS To Entire City

I'm not sure how smart it is for Verizon to be pissing off the mayor of Pittsburgh.

"We have an agreement with Verizon that, over the course of several years, the entire city would be provided with FiOS," Peduto recently told WTAE-TV, "and it was the agreement that allowed them to start putting their lines in the public right of way. They have now broken that agreement."


Adobe To Fix Acrobat and Reader Flaws

Adobe announced today that it will be releasing security updates next week for eight flaws affecting Acrobat and Reader.

Adobe is planning to release security updates on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 for Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and Macintosh. Users may monitor the latest information on the Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) blog.


MSI Radeon R9 380 Gaming 2G Review

The crew at Real Hardware Reviews has posted a review of the MSI Radeon R9 380 Gaming 2G video card today that a certainly worth checking out. Here's a quote from the full review:

This card screams value. Everything from its excellent design, to its better speeds, to the excellent noise profile. All of this makes spending an extra 9 or ten dollars a no-brainer. More impressive still is it makes spending an extra $50 and stretching a budget to this card equally easy.


Star Citizen: The Beginning of the End

You know, it would be far more entertaining if we could just put Derek Smart and Chris Roberts in a cage match so they could sort out all their differences.

Chris Roberts, a self-professed "visionary" has never – ever – been able to complete a project on his own. Like ever. This fact is lost on those who aren’t really familiar with his industry track record. He is one of those artistes who works best when directed. Put him at the top of any project, and the potential for the project to fail, increases. This is not hyperbole, it’s a material fact. And it’s all right there in the industry history.


Start Folding With The [H] Today!

This is your end of the week reminder that joining the best folding team on the planet (Team #33) is now easier than ever. We don't give you money to join and we can't promise you prizes or other incentives, we do this simply because it is our passion and that is why we've had the best folding community around...for years. So, if you want to make a difference with a group of people that honestly care about what they are doing, join team Team #33 today.

Folding is a wonderful way to help your fellow man using your spare CPU cycles and now, thanks to the Quick Setup V7 Guide for Windows, it is easier than ever to get started. Remember to put the number 33 in the "team" field and you’ll be folding with the [H]orde in no time! Thanks to all our team members for the wonderful job they are doing.

New Amazon EC2 X1 Instance Type Powered By Intel Xeon Processor E7 v3

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced new Amazon EC2 X1 instances, which will feature up to 2 TB of memory, a full order of magnitude larger than the current generation of AWS high-memory instances. Demonstrating the importance of obtaining the highest performance available, AWS selected the 4 socket Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-8880 v3 (Haswell) to power the new instances. Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v3 based platforms, commonly used for mission-critical workloads in enterprise environments, feature up to 6 TB of memory and up to 72 cores in a 4 socket configuration. This scale up horsepower can enable real-time analytics via in memory computing and increased data center efficiency and reliability. AWS expects to have the X1 instances available in the first half of 2016. Check out the Intel blog for additional details. For more information on the AWS EC2 instances powered by Intel Xeon E7 processors, visit Amazon EC2 Instances.


Thursday October 08, 2015

Major Ransomware Campaign Disrupted

I'm not saying these guys are stupid...BUT...buying over eight hundred servers with stolen credit cards wasn't the smartest thing to do.

Cisco's researchers thwarted the activity of a single group of cyber-criminals responsible for 50% of all deployments of ransomware via the Angler exploit kit. The group conducted operations on such a large scale that by the end of the year they would have potentially earned more than $34 million / €30 million.


Verizon Hiking Unlimited Data Plans By $20

I have bad news for anyone that is still on Verizon's unlimited data plan. Starting in November, your monthly bill is going by $20.

The drastic increase, 66 percent, will affect some of its long-time customers who have until now survived the company's efforts to lure them away from prized unlimited plans in the era of data-gobbling mobile apps. Customers will see the higher price on their bills starting Nov. 15.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Raijintek Aeneas mATX Cube @ HardwareSlave

Cooling: Reeven RC-1205 HANS CPU Cooler @ Tweak.dk

ETC.: Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 @ Hardware Secrets

Gaming: MGS V: The Phantom Pain @ Overclockers Club

Motherboards: Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming G1 @ HotHardware

Storage: Plextor M6V SSD @ TechnologyX

The $1B City Where Humans Are Banned

First there was a fake town for testing self driving cars, now there is this billion dollar town that humans are banned from living in. Technology hates homeless people. wink

Planned for a population of 35,000, the city will showcase a modern business district downtown, and neat rows of terraced housing in the suburbs. It will be supplied with pristine streets, parks, malls and a church. But no one will ever call it home.


Uber Hit With Lawsuit Over Alleged Sexual Assaults

Damn! We were so close to making it through the week without one of these stories.

The suit, filed Thursday in US District Court in San Francisco, claims Uber aims its marketing at young women who have been drinking but doesn't conduct adequate background checks on its drivers. That lapse has led to a number of sexual assaults, according to the 52-page complaint filed on behalf of two "Jane Does" who allege their Uber drivers sexually assaulted them.


Swiftech H240-X AIO CPU Cooler

The crew at Modders Inc. published a review of the Swiftech H240-X today. You can see our evaluation here for comparison purposes.

The price doesn’t quite reflect what you’re actually getting, if you were to take just the Apogee XL waterblock and Swiftech’s MCRx40-QP radiator and add them up, you’d already be priced at $130.00 before adding the pump, tubing, fittings, coolant and fans. In my opinion, the Swiftech H240-X brings a lot of value to the market.


NASA Offering Startups Over 1,000 Patents For Free

This is pretty damn cool. Imagine a world where this was the norm.

NASA hopes the program will make life easier for cash-strapped startups short on intellectual property, which would effectively be repurposing NASA's existing patents for new commercial products or services. The program is aimed at American startups and offers access to patents covering everything from electronics, communications, and software, to materials, coatings, sensors, and aeronautics technology.


iPhone 6s Chipgate: TSMC vs. Samsung

I'll bet this is just Samsung getting back at Apple for all the lawsuits. big grin


Facebook Launches Reaction Buttons Beyond Like

So Facebook users are getting new "love" and "sad" buttons but no dislike button? This must be what Zuckerberg was talking about two weeks ago when he said they were "working on and shipping" a dislike button (here). frown

Users will soon be able to do more than "like" posts. They will be able to love them and express sympathy, anger or sadness with animated emoticons. The social network said on Thursday it is launching a pilot test of "Reactions," with users able select from seven emotions, including like and "wow." "Dislike," however, is not one of the options.


Fallout 4 PC System Requirements

Bethesda has released the PC system requirements for Fallout 4. It looks like you'll need a pretty healthy system to play on the recommended settings.

We’re almost there! In just over a month, the wait for Fallout 4 ends and you can finally explore its densely populated Wasteland on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Until then, Vault-Tec was kind enough to provide us with some handy information to ready you for launch. PC Systems Requirements (Requires Internet Connection and Free Steam Account to Activate)


  • Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)

  • Intel Core i5-2300 2.8 GHz/AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHz or equivalent

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 30 GB free HDD space

  • NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or equivalent


  • Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)

  • Intel Core i7 4790 3.6 GHz/AMD FX-9590 4.7 GHz or equivalent

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 30 GB free HDD space

  • NVIDIA GTX 780 3GB/AMD Radeon R9 290X 4GB or equivalent


Gaming [H]eadlines

Bethesda's BattleCry "Concerns" @ Blue's News

Halo: Fall of Reach's Launch Trailer GameSpot

PS4 Gets A Price Cut In US & Canada @ VG24/7

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Now Open @ Shacknews


Our evaluation of the MSI Z170A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM EDITION motherboard is now live. If you are an overclocker with plans to upgrade to Intel's Skylake platform, you owe it to yourself to read this review.

News Image

MSI has a goal to be the number one motherboard maker in PC Gaming. To that end MSI has been rebranding and the Z170A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM EDITION motherboard is an example of this shift in focus. This new XPOWER series retains much of its heritage but shifts gears towards being an upper echelon gaming oriented solution.



Whew! Good thing Google snatched this domain up before someone else got to it. wink Considering BMW owns alphabet.com, I guess this is the next best thing. Thanks to devil68k for the link.

Alphabet now owns the unabridged abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com, a domain that was created in 1999, according to domain-registration directory Whois. Alphabet confirmed the domain purchase.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases: Streacom F12C @ techPowerUP!

Cooling: Reeven Ouranos CPU Cooler @ Modders Inc.

Motherboards: EVGA Z170 Stinger @ HardwareSlave

Storage: ADATA XPG 240GB SSDs @ PureOC

QNAP TS-453mini 4-Bay Vertical NAS CDRLabs

Video: Samsung S32D850T WQHD Monitor @ OCInside

Gamer Sent To Prison For School Swattings

A year in prison, three years of supervised release and three hundred hours of community service seems like it could be a deterrent. What do you guys think of this guy's punishment?

A 22-year-old Connecticut man who took part in bomb threats made against two Monmouth County schools last year was Tuesday sentenced to a year in prison. The prison term for Matthew Tollis takes into account his role in the New Jersey "swatting" incidents as well as similar threats in Texas, Massachusetts and his home state, the U.S. Attorney's Office for Connecticut said in a news release.


Lyft Behind Uber Data Breach?

This just got interesting. eek!

Eight months after disclosing a major data breach, ride service Uber [UBER.UL] is focusing its legal efforts on learning more about an internet address that it has persuaded a court could lead to identifying the hacker. That address, two sources familiar with the matter say, can be traced to the chief of technology at its main U.S. rival, Lyft.


Amazon Launches Handmade Marketplace

Amazon has finally launched Handmade at Amazon, a marketplace for handcrafted goods. The site says it has over eighty thousand items from almost five thousand sellers.


Adobe Showcases Monument Mode At MAX 2015

Last night at MAX 2015, Adobe showed off its Monument Mode feature that removes people from the frame of your picture in real time. Here's a video of it in action:


Silverstone ML06-E Mini-ITX HTPC Case

If you are building a HTPC, Steam Box or the likes, you might want to check out this review of the Silverstone ML06-E at Benchmark Reviews today.

Not content to rest with their niche ML05 HTPC enclosure, they dressed up the exterior with a full aluminum panel and released the ML06. That isn’t the case Benchmark Reviews is reviewing here – SilverStone decided they weren’t done, and evolved the internals of the ML06 into the product we see here today: the ML06-E. Featuring re-worked internals but the same exterior dimensions, the ML06-E is poised to be the best of the series so far.


The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment Kickstarter

How is this not funded already? The campaign only has seven days left and they still need to raise about $18k.


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